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Free Photo Editing and Retouching

Something that I provide that is unheard of in the school photography business is photo editing at no additional charge. I retouch portraits to remove any undesirable blemishes, fly-away hair, food or “other stuff” that find their way into the photo. I also remove any background elements that might interfere with the focus on the student.


[Cleaned up his hair, which he messed up for fun right before he got his pictures taken]

Max Kim before and after

[Retouched out some hairs hanging in her face; added more color in her skin]

Vivienne before & after


[Retouched out some cuts on his face; retouched out the distracting white background at bottom left and right]

Matthias M before & after



And I also will come back to your school to photograph any student or students who were absent on the day of his or her class photo shoot. I will then seamlessly insert this student or these students into any group photo that they might have missed out on, so that it looks as if they were there. And guaranteeing that these kids are part of the memory.


[Added the student at far right in third row; edited the faces on several students who were not looking at the camera]





[Added the student at far right in the middle row; added student at far left in third row; edited the faces on several students not looking at the camera]

IMG_7589 + Kamren + 2 new heads R3 + Gannon




I love working with kids. I'm the father of two daughters in the Oakland public school system (one in middle school, one in elementary school), and they and their friends keep me on my toes.


I look forward to sharing my work with your school community.

Thanks for your consideration.


Eric Londgren

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