Here is what you can expect from working with me on your school’s photography:


School Picture Days Can Be Fun!

On school picture days, I come to your school and photograph students and staff using natural lighting in an on-site outdoor location. I schedule the shoot to be spread out over the course of several days to make it less chaotic for the school. Because I shoot digitally, I take about 15-20 images of each student to ensure that I capture a good picture that parents and staff and the student will enjoy. As a parent of two school-age daughters, I’m a very kid-friendly person, and I’m fairly adept at eliciting smiles from the students (as well as the teachers!). I also encourage each student to give me their best silly face, which helps make things more enjoyable for them. And it usually results in some fun photos.


Samples of some official school photos (on the left) and silly-face versions (on the right)

RHS duo 2

Halina duo

IMG_0218 + 0210

Options for Families

Parents/guardians love options, so I provide quite a few. They can choose from a range of photo packages or an a la carte selection, including a digital version of their child's photo, all at affordable prices. Black and white versions are available, too, for a more timeless look. As of yet, I don’t offer tote bags, mugs, key chains, magnets or other knickknacks — I just focus on providing high-quality photos and friendly, responsive customer service.

I personally assemble all print orders myself and deliver them to the school for distribution, which saves families from paying needless shipping and handling fees.  


Options for Schools

Schools decide if they prefer the classic, group photo or a class composite made up of the individual photos. In either case, I customize them with the school colors and individual names. I can even add the school's logo. We can determine in advance whether it makes more sense for families at your school to preview photos online before completing their paper order form, or turn in order forms on the actual picture day. For online previewing, it takes me about six weeks to edit and upload a school’s worth of images.


Class group photo

IMG_7492 Boston


Class group photo with names and graphic treatment, including school logo and school colors


Class composite photo with graphic treatment, including school logo and school colors


Free Photo Editing and Retouching

Something that I provide that is more or less unheard of in the school photography business is photo editing at no additional charge. I retouch portraits to remove any undesirable blemishes, fly-away hair, food or “other stuff” that find their way into the photo. I also remove any background elements that might interfere with the focus on the student.


Cleaned up his hair (which he messed up for fun right before he got his pictures taken!)

Max Kim before and after


Retouched out some hairs hanging in her face; added more color to her skin

Vivienne before & after


Retouched out some cuts on his face;
retouched out the distracting white background at the bottom left and right

Matthias M before & after


And I also will come back to your school to photograph any student or students who were absent on the day of his or her
class photo 
shoot. I will then seamlessly insert this student or these students into any group photo that they might have missed out on. I remember missing out on a photo day one year when I was a student and how tough it was to not be
in the group photo.

These are services that I believe come with providing all families with the best possible photographs of their children.

Added the student at far right in the third row;
edited the faces on several students who were not looking at the camera



Added student at far left in the third row; added the student at far right in the middle row;
edited the faces
on several students who were not looking at the camera



Easy Process for Schools

The process is very simple for the school. I meet with the principal or the parent committee to arrange the picture days and a schedule, and to learn the photographic needs of the school. At no cost to the school and if requested, I can provide:
   • Printed order forms and envelopes for an entire school (no request needed)
   • At least one additional visit to the school to photograph absent students and staff.
   • Individual student photos with printed name and grade and adhesive backing for student cumulative folders
   • Principal’s binder containing a set of composite class photos of every class
   • Free photo packages for teachers and administration

More than just being a school photographer, I love working with kids. I'm the father of two daughters, both now in college, but both of whom went from K-12 in the Oakland public school system. I was an active volunteer at the elementary and middle schools they attended, and did event and sports photography at their high school as a volunteer.

I look forward to sharing my work with your school community.


Eric Londgren

plastic camera



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