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School Options

Schools decide if they prefer the class group photo or the class composite. Either way, I customize them with the school colors and individual names. I can even add the school's logo. We can determine in advance whether it makes more sense for families at your school to preview photos online before completing their paper order form, or turn in order forms on the actual picture day. For online previewing, it takes me about six weeks to edit and upload a school’s worth of images.


Class group photo

IMG_7492 Boston


Same Class Group Photo with names and graphic treatment

Class composite photo

Brouhard no names class comp 2012-13


I love working with kids. I'm the father of two daughters in the Oakland public school system (one in middle school, one in elementary school), and they and their friends keep me on my toes.


I look forward to sharing my work with your school community.

Thanks for your consideration.


Eric Londgren

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